• Like most of us, when I started my postdoc, my PhD work was far from finished.  But I'm  still working on it and we recently managed to publish a new paper.

    We show how changes in lion population density and composition affects hyaena diet and foraging strategies. It's published in Journal of Zoology and you can find it here. Let me know if you want a pdf copy of the paper, I'll be glad to send it to you.

    The very good news is that the following picture is also making the cover of the journal issue! The journal will also be featuring a podcast interview in which I answer questions about our work. You can check it here, it should be aired in January.

    Latest hyaena news



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  • Hi all!

     This is it, I already spent 3 months in the field, where the internet connection is too slow for me to post ay updates on the blog. But now I'm back in France for 2 weeks, so let's start!

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  • Getting ready for departure

    Getting ready for departure

    Getting ready for departure


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  • Hi there!

    Starting from March 2015, I'll be working in South Africa as a post-doctoral fellow for the Bat-eared fox Research Project!!

    New job in South Africa

    This project is part of the Mammalian Cognition Research group from the University of the Free state in the Qwaqwa Campus. I'll be mostly based in the field working at the Kuruman River Reserve ( 26° 58.715'S,  21° 49.935'E) in the Kalahari.

    I am really excited to go spend some time in SA and discover the country. And studying a new species about which very little is known is a real bonus!

    I'll be flying off on the 18th of March, so stay tuned for updates!


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  • Dear all, 

    I have been spending the last few months in Europe so I had time to make a few arrangements. Most of my photos are now for sale on 4 web sites (click on the name of the web site):

     Adobe Stock (former Fotolia)



     500px for the stock and 500px Marketplace for the store

    Feel free to go have a look!!


    Here you can find a selection of my very Best Of... 

    Photos for sale on the web

    If you are interested in any of these, please contact me via email (stephanie.periquet@gmail.com).


    Stay tuned for continous updates on my portfolios, many more photos to come!

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