• Hello all, 

    2018 has been a very trying and difficult year for me and I was in much a hurry to see it end... But it turned out that December brought many good news and now 2019 is starting on a roll for me!!

    So first, the most important news. I am officially joining the Ongava Research Center (based on the Ongava Private Game Reserve, yeah you could have guessed this one ;-) ) in Namibia as one of their resident researcher! I have no words to describe how happy I am that this job came through. I have been waiting for it for more than a year, so you can imagine the relief... I will get started in March, so from then on, you can find me at Ongava, just South of Etosha!


    Second, I am now officially registered as a travel consultant and ShumbAfrica Safaris is in full swing!

    Time for new beginings


    And now, for the last one. I am very excited to be joining the editorial board of Journal of Zoology as one of their Associate Editors! It is a big step for me, and I'm looking forward to this new opportunity to spread some good science!


    Time for new beginings


    One of my pictures made it to their cover back in 2015 when they published one of my papers on the effects of competition with lions on hyaenas foraging strategies and diet! If you are interested to know more on this topic, drop me an email!


    So 2019, let's get started !!!!

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  • I was not in Africa for this eclipse but in my home town, Grenoble, France. And this was hell of a show that Mother Nature offered us!

    I didn't get nice shots of the 2 previous lunar eclipses I witnessed (in winter 2015 one in the Kalahari and in July 2018 in the Alps), so I ha d yo make up for these missed opportunities!

    Even the clouds played game until almost the end of totality, allowing me to get a complete series of shots from start to half-way through the eclipse.

    Full Lunar eclipse 21 Jan 2019

    This is obviously a composite image of 7 shots all taken with a Nikon D5000. The landscape background was shot with a 16mm at f2.8, 2 sec, ISO 800. The moon shots were taken with a 450mm, at f8 to f6.7, 1/1000 to 1/6 sec and ISO 800-2000. Colours were NOT edited, moon shots were resized - but still the moon appears way bigger than it actually was- and images were merged using Photoshop CC.


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  • Hey guys!

    So here are some fresh news. I have been in France since early May doing some research consulting work.

    But now the call of the bush is way to strong and I'm heading back to Africa for a month long road trip! It'll start in SA where Kenji has been patiently waiting for me since I left. We'll be heading to Northern Cape and explore Augrabies falls, Namaqua and Richtersveld National Parks. We'll then cross the border to Namibia and have fun in the desert and mountains in the South of the country for another 2 weeks.

    By then it'll be time to head back to France for the winter. But stay tuned, as the current plan is to fly back to Namibia end of February, for good this time!

    More later!

    Time for a road trip!

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  • Launching ShumbAfrica Safaris!!!

    I have been thinking about this for a while now...

    I know Africa quite well and I love organising road trips to discover new places. Why not organise totally customised tours for other people??

    Well, it seemed like a good idea so I decided to launch my own travel consultancy and ShumbAfrica Safaris was born!!!

    So if you or your friends and family are dreaming about discovering Africa but don't want to go through the usual channels of organised tours and travel agencies, drop me an email! 

    I will designed itineraries specifically for you, based on your interests and experience. 

    No 5 stars hotels or lodges with me. Everyone night, you will camp under a sky with millions of stars and enjoy the Southern Cross and the Milky  Way like never before! You will be as close to the Nature as possible and discover places in a way few people do. And of course, you should have more than enough of opportunities to practise your photographic skills!


    And if you are interested, just drop me an email at shumbafrica.safaris@gmail.com 


    I am looking forward to hear from you!


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  • Hi everyone!!

    Sorry I have been so silent recently but I was so busy and with poor connection that it was not easy to update the blog.

    So for those who haven't been following (I grant you it's rather complicated to follow what I do...), I have left my CCF job in Dec 2017 to go spend 3 months in the north-east Okavango delta with my partner. I had the most awesome time there and when my 90 days visa ran out I went back to Nam for a while. There I enjoyed some weekend outings exploring the country with friends and then embark on a solo road trip across the country, through the Namibia to SA. It was absolutely stunning and amazing experience, meeting great people and driving in breathtaking landscapes on a daily basis.

    For the next couple of months, I'll be based in France doing some consulting research job for a private game reserve in Namibia, while waiting for a more permanent position back in Africa.

    And I can't wait to be back in the bush!!!

    Back to France for a bit




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