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  • Hi everyone!

    ShumbAfrica Safaris has been quiet but it doesn't mean nothing happened!

    I have organised a total of 4 trips (3 in Namibia, 1 in South Africa) until now, and I must say I like it! I was fortunate enough to have all my clients being extremely happy about their trips, what a privilege!

    Now we are entering the quiet season for European tourism in Africa but it doesn't mean that you should not consider visiting! This is summer here, temperatures are rising, big clouds are forming and hopefully the rains will be on their way soon, turning the parched desert into a vast greenland! Can't wait for it!


    And there were 4!

    When are you coming to visit us?

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  • As some of you might know, I'm currently turning an idea into reality.

    I have been thinking for a while about organising customised trips for people to come visit Africa since I know the place quite well by now... And this is how ShumbAfrica Safaris was born!

    So if you or your friends and family are dreaming about discovering Africa, but don't want to go through the usual channels of organised tours and travel agencies, drop me an email! 

    I will designed itineraries specifically for you, based on your interests and experience. Below are a few examples of what would be possible...

    A bit of info about ShumbAfrica Safaris

    A bit of info about ShumbAfrica Safaris

    A bit of info about ShumbAfrica Safaris

    A bit of info about ShumbAfrica Safaris

    No 5 stars hotels or lodges with me. Everyone night, you will camp under a sky of a million stars and enjoy the Southern Cross and the Milky  Way like never before! You will be as close to the Nature as possible and discover places in a way few people do. And of course, you should have more than enough of opportunities to practise your photographic skills!

     And if you are interested, you can go visit my Facebook page or just drop me an email at shumbafrica.safaris@gmail.com 

     I am looking forward to hear from you!

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