• Who I am, where I come from...

    Ok, I guess somewhere in my blog, my name should appear right??

    So, here we go. I'm Stephanie Periquet, French, born (in 1985) and raised in Grenoble, Isere. I've always loved nature and wildlife and completely fell in love with Africa during a trip to Namibia in 1999. Since then, I walked towards my dream: working and living there!

    I managed to find a research project on zebras for my Master in Hwange with the HERD Project (LBBE, UCB Lyon1, France). I never really left Zim since. I completed my PhD on the coexistence between Spotted hyaenas and Lions in July 2014.


    Who I am, where I come from, where do I go...


    If we put aside data collection and scientific work, my PhD job was actually to do game drives every day and night. That definitely offers a lot of photogrpahic opportunities.

    If you want to contact me, about Hwange, Zim or about my pictures (not free of rights by the way...),  here is my email address:


    Who I am, where I come from...

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