• Back to France for a bit

    Hi everyone!!

    Sorry I have been so silent recently but I was so busy and with poor connection that it was not easy to update the blog.

    So for those who haven't been following (I grant you it's rather complicated to follow what I do...), I have left my CCF job in Dec 2017 to go spend 3 months in the north-east Okavango delta with my partner. I had the most awesome time there and when my 90 days visa ran out I went back to Nam for a while. There I enjoyed some weekend outings exploring the country with friends and then embark on a solo road trip across the country, through the Namibia to SA. It was absolutely stunning and amazing experience, meeting great people and driving in breathtaking landscapes on a daily basis.

    For the next couple of months, I'll be based in France doing some consulting research job for a private game reserve in Namibia, while waiting for a more permanent position back in Africa.

    And I can't wait to be back in the bush!!!

    Back to France for a bit




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