• Lüdertiz & Diaz Point

    Lüderitz is well known to be windy and it is not an understatement! The wind was really strong when we were there, but apparently it was just a normal day judging by what the locals told me!!

    The drive from Aus is stunning, crossing vast plains with mountains in the background and finishing in the first of the coastal Namib dunes before reaching Lüderitz. And of course, you can stop at the Garub waterhole to watch the desert horses.

    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    Garub train station...


    In Lüdertiz, you can chose to camp on Shark Island and enjoy a windy night by the Atlantic with views on the Namib sand sea. The campsites offer a relative protection from the wind. If camping in tough conditions is not your think, then simply pick from one of the numerous guesthouses in town.


    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    Sunset over Lüdertiz rooftops

    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    Typical architecture in Lüderitz


    When visiting Lüderitz, I strongly recommend a drive to Diaz point and in its vicinity. Might be no need to go all the way down to Grosse Butch even thought it's quite a nice drive.

    The lighthouse area with the abandoned building at Diaz point is really fun to visit and te drive along the coast takes you to stunning areas.

    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    Diaz point

    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    View over the ocean and the Namib from Diaz Point

    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    From inside an abandoned house in Diaz Point( HDR)

    Lüdertiz and Diaz Point

    Salt lakes along the way to Diaz Point





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