• Fish River Canyon

    The Fish River Canyon is the second biggest canyon in the world after the Grand canyon in the States. It is a truly amazing place to see and the main view point offers the most stunning view over the gorges. But take time to visit the other view points, scattered at the top of the cliffs as they all offer their own perspective on this natural wonder. For the braves, you can also take the walk down the gorges, along the river, that takes you from the main view point to Ais-Ais in about 5 days.

    You can camp at the Hobbas rest camp operated by NWR, but to be honest, this is not a great place. And be aware there is not cellphone network there (they do sell wifi vouchers though...). Otherwise, you'll have to stay in a chalet at Ais-Ais camp or camp further up the road. But the Hobbas rest camp is the closest to the canyon.

    Fish River Canyon

    From the main view point

    Fish River Canyon

    Fish River Canyon

    Aloe growing on the cliffs

    Fish River Canyon

    Quiver tree and stormy skies

    Fish River Canyon

    Sand storm in the canyon

    Fish River Canyon


    Sand storm over the canyon (iPhone picture, click to enlarge) 


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