• A tale of 3 foxes

    One night while looking for Escobar at Pharside, I witness a very interesting interaction between bat-eared fox and cape fox.

    So this is Escobar, our habituated row in this part of the KRR.

    A tale of 3 foxes

    A tale of 3 foxes

    And this is Ray, an habituated Cape fox who figured out that the crinkling noise meant food for him as well. So he comes to us for raisins.

    A tale of 3 foxes

    A tale of 3 foxes

    A tale of 3 foxes

    But then Escobar wouldn't have him stealing raisins from him and repeatedly chased him away from me!

    A tale of 3 foxes

    Later on, Emmental, another habituated fox in the area also joined us, only to be chased away by Escobar again..


    You can read the whole story on our blog.

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